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The purpose of this resource guide is to support family and student participation in planning for life

after high school into adulthood.


For Educators and Providers

The purpose of this resource packet is to help educators and providers assist families of young adults with developmental

disabilities with the transition from the school system and services for children to the world of work and adult services.


The purpose of this compilation of activities and resources is to help educators and providers expand their students/clients

skills related to the area of employment.  This is meant to be a starting place to get ideas.  Some of the items in the

compilation are not teacher created and, therefore, cannot be duplicated.  Please note any item that has a "Do Not Duplicate"

label on it.  The label is typically located, on the first page, near the publisher information if you are interested in purchasing

the activity/resource.

Chapter 1 - Career Exploration

Chapter 2 - Seeking Employment

Chapter 3 - Looking for Employment

Chapter 4 - Applications

Chapter 5 - Resume

Chapter 6 - Interviewing

Chapter 7 - Employability Skills

Chapter 8 - Appropriate Dress & Behavior

Chapter 9 - Advocacy, Criticism, & Other


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